Womenslegacy.com is dedicated to honoring the lives of women. It is a place to find inspiration from other women’s lives and to learn how to share your own life story.

It is a place to shine light on women’s lives, to leave footprints on the path for each new generation.

No matter how commonplace or exalted a woman’s life seems to the world, no one has walked the exact same path, with the same genetic makeup, upbringing, circumstances, or perspective.

Each woman has her own encounters and experiences which are interwoven throughout her heart and outlook. We celebrate these life legacies and inspirations!



Inspirational Legacies

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Inspirations for Women

Whether a woman gives birth to children or to a life of change, every woman is a creative being. One woman writes, another grows a family or a beautiful garden, another creates dreams and manifests her vision.

To rise each morning, witness the new dawn, and to live fully in a day is a creative process of growth and courage.

It is a familiar image that women hold up half of the sky. Now we imagine holding up half of the universe, endless possibilities. Let us share our stories and inspire and empower one another!

Stories of Women’s Lives

The stories of creativity and
wonder of many women’s lives have frequently been left untold.

Join a guided autobiography class to learn how to put your own story in words as a legacy — for your own life, for your family, as testament to the unique path you have followed.

No need to be a writer — just join other women in sharing who you are and what you have lived.



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