Womenslegacy offers GAB (Guided Autobiography Classes) in Western North Carolina and the South Carolina Upstate, and virtual GAB classes online.

Dana Curtin will facilitate and use the method developed by James E. Birren, Ph.D. to assist individuals in recall and writing parts of their life story.

These 6-week programs follow a well-tested method for working with themes in a small group setting. Each week you write two pages on a topic at home, then share your story with your small group. 

As you, the facilitator and the five or six members of your group begin to share your stories, you will gain new learning from old memories.

Classes 6-week session limited to 6 students.

G.A.B. I and II. Call for current class dates.


Online Guided Autobiography Classes for Women

offer an opportunity to join with other women across the country — and even internationally — to share your stories. All you need to join a class is a computer connection, webcam and a desire to write two pages a week about universal life themes.

Because you will participate live in class online with other women, it is as if you were all in the same community, whether you are in one part of the States, or even in a different country.

You will share your two pages each week with the others in your small group and receive uplifting comments letting you know how valuable your own life experiences are to others as well as you.

6-week sessions for G.A.B. I and II.
Call for current class dates.


Women’s LGBT Guided Autobiography Classes

The LGBT women’s class includes a theme specifically designed for the question of discovering that you were different, how you dealt with that discovery, sharing your experience with other like-minded women.

The other universal themes deal with the experiences of all women, but you will know that you are sharing with LGBT women who have shared a particular discovery in their lives.

6-week sessions for G.A.B. I and II.
Call for current class dates.

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Women’s Online Guided Autobiography Classes


Women’s LGBT Guided Autobiography Classes

Guided Autobiography Classes

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