Certified GAB Instructor

Dana Curtin is a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor through the Dr. James Birren Guided Biography Program developed for the past many years in the graduate school at the University of Southern California.


Dana’s B.A. degree from Pomona College (Claremont) in French was followed by graduate work at the Sorbonne and U.C. Santa Barbara for credentials in teaching.


However she quickly moved into the world of television with the opportunity to use early video equipment to make training tapes for California Federal. She then spent two years as associate producer with the ABC Network Show “Girl in My Life.”


Dana found educational publishing to be a great fit, with IOX in Los Angeles and later Key Curriculum Press and EduSoft in the Bay Area. The introduction of the Macintosh and publishing software in the early 1980’s gave her experience managing, typesetting and helping publish a new textbook.


She put that expertise in desktop publishing to good use as a trainer for UNIX, Mac and PC-based organizations, spending two years as Training Manager for Island Graphics in San Rafael.


In 1995 she created CyVision, a coaching and training service, specializing in desktop publishing and office software suites. She was a contract trainer for office suites in such corporations as Sun Microsystems, SGI, and more.



Dana Curtin Professional Qualifications

To Inspire and Empower

In addition to teaching and coaching, Dana is a lifelong student of personal and spiritual growth.


Following her work in the computer industry, she explored lifewriting and autobiography as powerful vehicles for self-growth, healing, community and communication.


After publishing SunCatcher in 2003 and reprinting it in 2011, she has taught writing workshops and spiritual groups in both California and the Carolinas.


As a certified GAB Instructor, Dana has now found a method of teaching autobiography which suits both serious writers and non-writers alike.



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