Each of us has a story, and we are the only ones who can tell it. Whether you speak or write your story, it is a journey which only you have taken.

Women often have a different life legacy than men. There may be family and children. There may be a career or endowment for a scholarship. There may be cherished recipes, beautiful music,  traditional quilts, or a life of travel or survival.

Whatever your story, you will feel a greater sense of connection with yourself and with others when you share your own path. It is rewarding to look back upon a life and to reminisce and record your most important moments.

When you meet with a group of 6 other women, your memories are primed by their own stories, by ideas you thought had been forgotten.

Writing on your own lets you come to your own uncensored story. Sharing with others then gives you even more ideas for other chapters you might wish to write. The group experience is fun, bonding, expansive, and helps us all feel supported along our own paths and have compassion for other paths.


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Everyone has a story...What’s Yours?

Women’s Guided Autobiography Classes are a great way to get started.

Meet with an instructor and small group weekly to begin writing your story.

Groups available on request.


Online Guided Autobiography Classes for Women offer an opportunity to join with other women across the country — and even internationally — to share your stories. All you need to join a class is e-mail and a desire to write two pages a week about universal life themes. You will share your two pages each week with the others in your small group and receive uplifting comments letting you know how valuable your own life experiences are to others as well as you.


Women’s LGBT Guided Autobiography Classes The LGBT women’s class includes a theme specifically designed around the discovery of differences, how you dealt with that discovery, and whether you have been able to share your experiences and true self with family and friends.

The other universal themes deal with the experiences of all women, but in this group you will know that you are sharing with LGBT-friendly women who have shared a particular discovery in their lives.


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A Legacy for Family And Self

Where have you been?

Where are you now?

Where are you going?

Classes for Writing Your Story

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